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Student's Main Page

Welcome to the 2021 ScienceMONTGOMERY Virtual Fair!

To register for the fair, use the create account tab to register for either the Junior Division (Grades 6-8) or the Senior Division (Grades 9-12). You will be asked to provide your name,  e-mail address, teacher, school, and contact information for your guardians or parents. Additionally, you will be asked the title and category of your project and whether or not this is a team project.

If you don't see your school in the dropdown menu, your teacher will be able to add your school. (Note: School names are alphabetical and are based on the full name of the school: e.g., A. Mario Loiderman Middle School rather than Loiderman Middle School). If you are home-schooled, you will select 'Home school' under school options.

When you complete the response for teacher, do NOT list your mentor's name; instead, list the name of your science teacher.


  • Is a video required? How long should the video be? Videos are optional. However, videos will be available to both category and community judges prior to the virtual interviews. Judges will not be required to view the videos, but community judges are most likely to choose which participants to interview based on their posters and possibly their videos.  Of course, all students will be judged by category judges.
  • How long should the video be? Guidance from Regeneron ISEF is that the video should be at most two minutes long.Here are specific guidelines from that website for the project video: 
    1.  This video summarizes the project at a high level and will be used primarily for the public display of projects and should have the layman as the core audience.  
    2. While judges will be given access to all materials submitted, their training will emphasize items (I, II, and III above.* )Therefore, it is advised that the video should not include key information not already provided in the project presentation. * For the ScienceMONTGOMERY fair, item I is the ISEF paperwork, items II and III refer to project presentation in a poster pdf format.
  • When are project materials due (including an optional video?) The deadlines are as follows:

February 8, 2021     Registration Deadline
             March 19, 2021        Project Submission Deadline

  • Do I need to submit my project materials and video when I register? No
  • Are waivers of the registration fee available? Yes, contact the fair director if the registration fee represents a hardship for your family. COVID-19 has resulted in significant financial hardship; our board does not want to exclude anyone from participation.




We are excited that your students are participating in 2021 ScienceMontgomery Fair. All Montgomery County Public Schools have been entered in our database as well as a number of private schools whose students have competed in past years. Please note that schools are listed alphabetically by the full name of the school: e.g., Loiderman Middle School is entered as A. Mario Loiderman Middle School.

If your school is not yet in the database, you may include it with the following information:

Name of School

School Address

School Phone Number

Name of Principal

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